Vortex Dynamics Research Group


Any job opportunities or specific PhD studentships arising in the division will be advertised here. There are usually funded PhD studentships available for well qualified candidates. If you are interested in working with us please get in contact. Current information:

PhD Studentships available across a range of subjects within the vortex group.

The group will be hosting the 27th Scottish Fluid Mechanics meeting in St Andrews. The meeting is an informal annual gathering of a wide range of fluid dynamics researchers from across Scotland. This year the date of the meeting is Thursday 15th May. If you are interested to learn more or to register for the meeting the webpage can be found here

Photo of the group at the science fair

Members of the group ran a stall at the local St Andrews Science Discovery Day on 8th March. There were experiments explaining Archimedes principle, syphons, and all manner of vortices. The star attraction was a small rotating tank which we were able to use to demonstrate Taylor columns and vortex interactions.

The day was quite well attended by families with children across a range of ages, the estimate of attendence was around 400. Everybody seemed to be having a good time - certainly we did. Looking forward now to next year!

Photo of the group at the science fair

Many congratulations to Luke Blackbourn who graduated with his PhD on the 29th November 2013. This was for his work undertaken with Chuong Van Tran on 'An analytical, phenomenological and numerical study of geophysical and magnetohydrodynamical turbulence in two dimensions'. Luke is still with us as a post-doc working with Chuong as part of the PhD plus scheme.

Photo of Christine and her
research poster

Summer student Christine McKenna who worked with David Dritschel and Stuart King presented her poster on 'An investigation of planetary scale shallow water turbulence' at the annual University poster presentation of URIP funded students on 25th September 2013. Christine spent her time with us investigating the breakdown of single and multiple jets in a numerical model of a rotating shallow water system.

Photo of Hanna graduating

Many congratulations to Hanna Plotka (left in the photo), who graduated with her PhD in June 2013. This was for her work undertaken with David Dritschel on 'The structure, stability and interaction of geophysical vortices'. Hanna has now moved on to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich as a postdoctoral research fellow.